Subject-Verb Agreement Practice

Instructions: Choose the correct verb in each sentence below. Write the number of the rule you used (from the Subject-Verb Agreement Rules). Not every sentence corresponds with a rule. When you’re finished, check your answers by clicking here.
  1. The cost of his explorations (was, were) paid by scientific societies.
  2. Neither the President nor the FBI (was, were) willing to release any information.
  3. Every one of his sons (has, have) been successful.
  4. The Case of the Missing Butler is one of those books that (is, are) easy to put down.
  5. The question of taxes (doesn’t, don’t) belong in this discussion.
  6. Either your study habits or your attitude (is, are) causing your problems in school.
  7. Fifteen minutes (is, are) enough time for this exercise.
  8. There (seems, seem) to be many arguments on both sides.
  9. Every planet, including the earth, (revolves, revolve) around the sun.
  10. The Magnificent Ambersons (is, are) worth reading.
  11. Most of the Roosevelt papers (has, have) been made available to the public.
  12. The mayor of the city and the governor of the state (has, have) been in conference.
  13. It (doesn’t, don’t) matter to me where you go.
  14. Everybody who lives in these apartments (agrees, agree) with me.
  15. Probably some of the oranges (doesn’t, don’t) ripen until April
  16. The fruit on the outdoor stands (looks, look) tempting.
  17. Someone from Mr. Brown’s classes (is, are) sure to have the information we need.
  18. College life and high school life (is, are) vastly different.
  19. (There’s, There are) not many unselfish people in the world.
  20. Two weeks (is, are) enough for a trip of that length.
  21. She is one of those people who (is, are) never ready on time.
  22. Each of the cheeses (was, were) sampled by the inspector.
  23. Here (is, are) your ticket and your receipt.
  24. Each of the rooms (has, have) a color television.
  25. The cast of characters (includes, include) an infant and a grandfather.


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