Table of Contents: Criminal Justice Report Writing

Criminal Justice Report Writing

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Table of Contents



Pretest Answer Key

Section I:  Writing the Report                                                             

Chapter 1  Why Is Report Writing Important?

Chapter 2  Overview of Report Writing

Chapter 3  Preparing to Write

Chapter 4  Organizing a Report

Chapter 5  Writing a Report

Chapter 6  Types of Reports

Chart:  Four Types of Reports

Chapter 7  Objectivity

Chapter 8  What To Omit

Chapter 9  Quoting Exact Words

Chapter 10  How Helpful is OJT?

Chapter 11  Bullet Style

Chapter 12  Active or Passive Voice?

Chapter 13  Efficiency

Section II:  Solving Sentence Problems                                   

Chapter 14  Fragments

Chapter 15  Run-on Sentences

Chapter 16  Misplaced Modifiers

Chapter 17  Parallelism

Section III: Professional Sentences                                               

Chapter 18  Writing Effective Sentences

Chapter 19  Periods and Semicolons

Chapter 20  Commas

Chapter 21  Comma Rule 1

Chapter 22  Comma Rule 2

Chapter 23  Comma Rule 3

Section IV:  Mastering English Usage                                               

Chapter 24  Apostrophes

Chapter 25  Quotation Marks

Chapter 26  Pronouns

Chapter 27  Verbs

Chapter 28  Subject-Verb Agreement

Chapter 29  Capital Letters

Chapter 30  Comparisons

Chapter 31  Prepositions

Chapter 32  Avoiding Common Errors

Chapter 33  Myths about Grammar

Section V  Choosing the Correct Word                       

Chapter 34 Criminal Justice Terminology

Chapter 35  Words and Expressions to Avoid

Chapter 36  More Words to Watch

Chapter 37  Using Plain English


Answer Key

Post-test Answer Key                                                                                   


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