Domestic Violence Scenario ANSWER

Here’s how this domestic disturbance might be written as a report:

At approximately 1 a.m. on May 15, 2010, I, Officer John Doe, was dispatched to Apt. 102 at 300 S. Parker Road to investigate a disturbance reported by a neighbor.

When I rang the bell at Apt. 102, I heard a man’s voice shout,  “Shut up and leave us alone.” I rang again and announced that I was a police officer. Barry Chinkowski opened the door and let me in. I saw a woman sitting on the sofa staring at the floor.

He told me nothing was wrong. The woman, Sally Chinkowski, nodded silently when I asked if she was all right. She did not look at me. I saw a bruise on her right cheek.

Barry again said that nothing was wrong and told me I was trespassing and had to leave. He said he would call an attorney. I called for a backup.

At approximately 1:32, Officer Winifred Paltrey arrived and took Sally into the bedroom for questioning.

Barry told me they had a little disagreement about money. She made several mistakes recording checks, and three checks bounced. The large bank fees upset him. “I may have lost my cool,” he said.

Officer Paltrey reported her interview with Sally, who said Barry pushed her against the wall and slapped her on her right cheek.

I arrested Barry and read him his Miranda rights. Officer Paltrey gave Sally a victim’s booklet and a case number. Paltrey and I placed Barry in my vehicle, and I drove him to jail for booking.

Note that this is a Type 3 report: The officer gets involved in the case by calling for a backup and making an arrest.

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  1. Curtis Rutt

    I am a Police Foundations Instructor and teach several police related topics, including police report writing. Your website and videos have helped considerably. Thank you.


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