Apostrophes Practice 1 ANSWERS

  1. The boss’ desk is cluttered with papers.  (desk of boss)
  2. Her grandchildren’s visit wore her out.  (visit of grandchildren)
  3. Are the ladies’ hats on sale today?  (hats of ladies)
  4. The Robinsons paid us a visit during their trip to Florida.  (no “of” idea)
  5. Miss Jones’ office is down the hall.  (office of Miss Jones)
  6. I enjoyed hearing James sing.  (no “of” idea)
  7. The baby’s medicine is in the kitchen.  (medicine of baby)
  8. We spent several days on Mr. Brown’s ranch.  (ranch of Mr. Brown)
  9. Both teachers’ classes did well.   (classes of teachers)
  10. After a week’s vacation, I was ready to return to work.  (vacation of a week)

Points to Remember:

In #4, the Robinsons don’t own the next thing in the sentence (“paid”), so there’s no apostrophe.
In #5, Miss Jones ends in “s,” so the apostrophe goes after Jones. Otherwise her name would turn into “Jone.”
In #10, remember that time expressions can have apostrophes: a day’s pay, two years’ experience, a good night’s sleep.

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