2 thoughts on “PowerPoint 12A: How NOT to Write a Police Report

  1. Maria Pfende

    I really liked the slides–all 47 of them–because they alert us to the fact that poor police reports can be harmful both to the officers and to the people they serve. By knowing how not to write a good report, we get to know how a poor report looks like, what its repercussions and pitfalls are, and why we should always write good reports.

    It’s good that you also included rationalizations by officers who write bad reports. This warns us against using such rationalizations. It brings us on notice that no amount of rationalization can make a poor report look good. The only way to advance in our careers–and to build a positive public image of ourselves and our departments–is to write good reports.

    Thank you for the slides. They were very helpful.

    Maria Pfende.

    1. Jean Post author

      And THANK YOU for the feedback! I’m so glad you enjoyed the PowerPoint. I’m always interested in ideas, suggestions, and questions. There’s always more for all of us to learn!


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