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Instructors and trainers: You can receive a free instructor’s manual for Criminal Justice Report Writing that includes tests and an answer key by sending an email request to jreynoldswrite at from your official account. (Because the manual contains tests and an answer key, it is available only for instructors and administrators. Please respect this policy!)

The Essential Guide for Recruits and Experienced Officers

  • Planning, organizing, and writing professional reports
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test with answer keys
  • Bullet style
  • Sentence skills
  • Usage and grammar
  • Sample police and corrections reports
  • Extensive practice exercises and answers
  • 219-page softcover, $17.95 from
  • E-book, Kindle and Apple versions, $9.99 from

Praise for Criminal Justice Report Writing:

I wish I’d had this in my hands prior to my first report….With your book I would have had a valuable resource.

 –  William Fienga, Correctional Probation Senior Officer, Florida Department of Corrections

I would have loved to have had a book like yours when I was active.

       –   Karl B. King, Lieutenant, Florida Highway Patrol, retired

16 thoughts on “Instructor’s Manual

  1. Mary T Nagel

    Hi Jean,
    We are actually working on how to write reports in CJ 202 @ Southern New Hampshire University. I love this field and I wish I would of decided it back in my younger years.

    1. Jean Post author

      Hi, Mary!
      I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the criminal justice field. I hope you’ll find many useful tips at this website.

  2. Traquan Jackson

    On 6/18/16, at 1305, I was dispatched to a robbery on 32 High top road. I arrived on scene at approximately 1307. I immediately ran over to the victim, to investigate. The victim told me that a unidentified white male walked in the store and demanded cash. The victim said he didn’t give the man the money at first, then the male reached into his pants and pulled out a gun. The victim told me that the suspect said, ” Give the damn money or I’m going to blow your head off.” The victim told me he was afraid, so he open the register and gave him the money. The suspect ran out the door with the money. Then the victim called the police. I asked the victim for his ID. The victim’s name is Joe Doe (DOB 01/07/1985 32 Pine Valley St.). Joe told me the suspect got away with $500 and his wallet. He said he was last seen running westbound on Temple. Joe told me, ” he is a white male, 5’2, no facial hair, with a tiger tattoo on his right shoulder and he had on black jeans, yellow tank top, and he had black glock.” I put a be on the lookout on the radio for units in the area.

  3. Traquan Jackson

    Approximately at 1504, I, was dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 43 High Valley Rd. I arrived on scene at 1506, I observed George Watts (DOB 7/3/94, 43 High Valley Rd) standing outside banging on the door. I called to him, “Sir come here!” George looked at me, and started to run. I chased after him. I called for backup. George jumped three fences before I caught him.

    Approximately 1512, Officer James and Officer Joe, arrived on scene. Officer James took George back to the scene. Officer Joe questioned the witness, and took down her information. I questioned George on what had happened here tonight. He said me a simple arguments gone back. George told me he was coming home from work and Sarah called him to tell him about the electric bill. George yelled at her, and she didn’t like it. George arrived home then Sarah locked the door. George banging and kicked the door. George also screamed.

    Officer Joe told me Sarah was upset about how he yelled at her. Sarah does not want to press charges. Sarah is sad about the whole thing.

    George was put in Officer James patrol car. George was charged with evading the police. Officer James transported George to jail. I went back to the station to book him.

  4. jdancer

    I appreciate the capital letters – this report is much more professional. Good writing! One problem: You used passive voice in the last paragraph. Who put George into the patrol car, and who charged him? That information might be important if there’s a court case.

  5. Jason

    Ms. Reynolds- many departments are going to a bullet style report. What are your thoughts, and do you have any examples?

  6. Jean Post author

    I’m all for bullet lists – but we need to be careful! There’s no such thing as a “bullet style report.” The report is written the usual way, in complete sentences and paragraphs. The difference is that some of the information is listed. For example, a conventional report could include a list of stolen items.
    Here’s an example that might help: Suppose you’re a college student who’s away at school. You might write a letter to your parents about the things you’ve been doing. It’s a regular letter, in sentences and paragraphs. But you could also include a list of items you’d like your parents to send you. That’s “bullet style” writing. You don’t do the whole letter as a list!
    My website has many free resources for bullet style, including a video. Type “bullet” into the search box on the home page. Here’s a link to get you started:
    Thanks for posting, Jason! And I see that you’ve subscribed to my newsletter. I hope you’re enjoying it.

  7. Carolyn R

    Hello, I requested an instructor’s copy 6 weeks ago from my official account and never received a response. I have a large class required to read your text for my course. Are you not providing instructor’s copyies anymore?

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve just emailed your Instructor’s Manual and other supplemental materials. I’m so sorry that the original request was lost. Thank you for writing again!

      1. Danielle Lessard

        I requested an instructors manual also and the email came back. What do I need to do to get an instructors manual? My class starts in August and I need to start planning for it.

  8. Bob

    I agree the word “advised” is often used improperly in police reports. But does the use of the words stated, said, told me etc require that whatever follows be quoted exactly or by the words “in summary” ?
    for example can I write:
    Jean told me the use of bullet style is an easy and efficient way to record information in a report.
    or do I need to
    Jean told me, “bullet style is an easy and efficient way to record information in a report.”
    Jean told me in summary that bullet style is an easy and efficient way to record information in a report.

    1. Jean Post author

      The words “stated,” “said,” and “told” can be used in many ways. You have several choices, and you don’t need quotation marks or “in summary” (unless your agency has its own requirements). So all of your sentences are correct and professional. One more comment: “Jean told me in summary” seems old-fashioned and unnecessary. I would just say “Jean told me…” and finish the sentence.

  9. Anjeanette

    Ms. Reynolds,

    What is your recommendation for using numbers, other than in addresses and for time, in police reports? For example, “There were four witnesses.
    Or, “There were twenty-four witnesses.”

    It seems to me this could get tricky. What about when talking about drugs (kilos) or money (dollars)?

    Age is always the number? Help please!! Perhaps I am making this harder than it needs to be.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Jean Post author

    I’ve never come across a policy specifically for numbers in police reports – great question! My suggestion would be to use standard business practice: spell out numbers one through nine, and use numerals for 10 and higher. If you have several numbers in the same sentence, write them all the same way: “Joan is 2 years old, and Bill is 19.”

  11. Teresa R. Bean, Esquire

    I’m teaching a new academy and just ordered the textbook. Can I please get a copy of the Instructor’s manual.

  12. Angela Potter

    Im currently working for a security training organisation where by we are wanting to develop some inhouse training mainly on report writing. On review of your site and the information provided I have been very impressed and have found the information beneficial and would definitely assist our new guards and existing in producing the right type of reports.
    In saying that I was wondering if it would be possible to please obtain a copy of the instructors manual.


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