5 thoughts on “PowerPoint 5A: Understanding Probable Cause

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  2. not say

    100 – 108 Goodwood park court – 9 Crescent Place toronto canada
    organize crime – a lot of cover-ups vacant apartment
    apartment 138 -108 Goodwood park court history of children staying overnight and a change of apartment people move in

    1) underage children sharing an apartment with an adult in the
    apartment very short time.
    2) apartments are on the use of tenant unknown if the rent scam
    some apartments over 11 years people not living in or seen
    3) tenant and management and staff-are trafficking drugs
    4) organize to cover up their crimes .police
    5) children are seen going to school but not returning
    are known to live in a building
    6) apartment was noticed on 4 different times use by 4 different adults using the apartment and 4 different children. stayed overnight.
    7) overheard a lady call for a girl to visit – and the interest
    on far on the organizing group to stop bring the children to the building.
    8) crime has been going on for over 15 years.
    9) years/ month intended rented apartment

  3. Darren

    One minor correction…”probable cause” is not required to conduct a traffic stop, only “reasonable suspicion” is required. That’s more than a hunch but less than probable cause. More often than not, any traffic stop conducted will be conducted based on probable cause, but there are times when you may have to stop a car based on reasonable suspicion only, such as the case when you pass a car driven by someone you believe reasonably resembles a wanted person. Another example is when you see a car sit at a stop light after the red light changed to green, or a car that speeds up and slows down but does not exceed the maximum posted speed limit, or a car that weaves within its lane but does not cross the center line or fog line. Those observances alone do not constitute probable cause for any specific offense, however they do constitute reasonable suspicion for DUI.

    The law of the land is that you can stop a car without having probable cause, based on reasonable suspicion. Colloquially, officers always refer to as “PC for the stop”, when in reality only reasonable suspicion is required. There are a variety of appellate court opinions that confirm this, such as Commonwealth v. Chase and State v. Styles.

    1. Jean Post author

      Great information, Darren – thanks so much! I will keep this in mind and be more careful. I was thinking about searching a car, which requires probable cause, when I wrote this. You’re right!

  4. Pingback: Watch The YouTube Video Listed Under “Learning Resources.” As An Officer In A Jail, You Are Required To Write Three Reports From This Video. Pick Three Out Of The Four Scenarios To Write Your Reports. Use Chapters 7, 8, And 9 As Your Guide For What Is

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