Apostrophes Practice 1

Use this apostrophes practice activity to test your knowledge. (For a review of apostrophes, click here.)

Instructions: Insert apostrophes where needed. A link at the bottom will take you to the answers.

Remember that apostrophes are used in “of” ideas. They don’t signify “more than one.”

Answers are posted: You can check them when you’re finished.

1.  The boss desk is cluttered with papers.

2.  Her grandchildrens visit wore her out.

3.  Are the ladies hats on sale today?

4.  The Robinsons paid us a visit during their trip to Florida.

5.  Miss Jones office is down the hall.

6.  I enjoyed hearing James sing.

7.  The babys medicine is in the kitchen.

8.  We spent several days on Mr. Browns ranch.

9.  Both teachers classes did well.

10. After a weeks vacation, I was ready to return to work.

Click here for the answers.

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