Some Practical Tips

Effective police reports are the result of several factors: good academy training, lots of practice, and a desire to keep learning.

Sometimes, though, it’s small changes that add up to success. Here are a few practical tips. Is there an idea in this list that you can start using?

  • keep a small notebook and pen in your pocket
  • know how to spell the names of towns and streets in your service area
  • spend a few minutes every day listening to a conversation or a news snippet – and try to recite it accurately from memory
  • keep your sentences short and simple
  • use “told,” not “advised”
  • start every sentence with the person doing the action (“I drove Parker to jail” rather than “Parker was transported to jail”)
  • make a list of words that give you trouble
  • find a writing partner so that you can work on your writing skills together

Don’t feel overwhelmed – you don’t have to do all of them at once! Pick one, and get started today. You’ll be surprised by the improvement in your reports!

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