Your Friday Quiz

This short quiz will help you write better reports! Answers are below.

Instructions: Below are two sentences from a police about a theft in a convenience store. Rewrite the statements to make them more efficient. [Note that this is NOT a complete police report.]

1.  Manager Joe Cawdor advised that upon back-tracking the video footage from the shift in which the alleged theft occurred, according to a customer who was a witness, he was able to observe cashier Kathy Slate select the package of cookies, open it, and proceed to consume multiple cookies during her work shift without her paying for said items.

2.  Manager Joe Cawdor advised that during his interview with Slate she not only admitted to the theft of the aforementioned cookies but also to numerous thefts occurring on weekly basis during her approximate seven month tenure at the store.


  1. CCTV footage showed Slate eating a package of Oreo cookies that she hadn’t paid for.
  2. When Manager Joe Cawdor talked to Slate, she admitted to taking the cookies and stealing other items.

How did you do?

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