Your Friday Quiz

This short quiz challenges you to think what kind of information is useful for a police report.

Instructions: Two versions of the same incident appear below. Read both of them, and then choose A, B, or C for the question that follows.

#1 I was in full uniform when I parked my service vehicle at Jake’s Roadside Bar, entered the building, and proceeded to question the bartender about the fight.

#2  I questioned the bartender about the fight.

Which statement do you agree with – A, B, or C?

A. #1 has more useful information than #2.
B. #2 has all the useful information that’s needed.
C.  #1 and #2 are equally useful.


B is correct. #2 is a better choice for a police report. (Remind yourself often that police reports need to be efficient.)
You were on duty and driving your service vehicle when you were dispatched to the bar, so obviously you were in uniform. Your parking space has no bearing on the incident, so you shouldn’t mention it.

How did you do?

The word quiz spelled out in Scrabble pieces

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